Are perfect boots too much to ask for?

Walk through any city this season, and you will see dozens of boots, all styled differently. Yet when it comes down to picking the prefect pair for yourself, the process becomes decidedly more difficult. January is the perfect month to buy boots–many styles are on sale in preparation for spring, and the right size, color, or style can still be shipped to you from another store if it is sold out.

Decide what your price point is before setting out. This will help determine what style boots you buy, and the quality you should look for. At a lower budget you can choose a trendier boot, because the cheaper material will wear out in a year or two when the trend is over. Our favorite trends include ankle booties, buttons, ruching, and buckles.

If you are willing to make an investment ($125+), we suggest choosing a more timeless style that can be worn for years, like a cowboy or riding boot style. When you are buying a nicer boot it is important to look for 4 key details:
  1. The inside of the boot is leather lined, otherwise you aren’t getting your money’s worth and lining can rip after a year or two of wear.
  2. The boot should be able to be resoled. My friend Mollie has had her boots resoled several times, and they become like new, without having to break them in again.
  3. Look for metal tooth zippers, not coil or injection molded zippers which break more easily. (see below)
  4. If you plan on wearing your boots when it rains, consider not having suede on the toes where it can get splashed, because it stains easily.

Have fun shopping and enjoy!


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