The Sweatshirt Alternative

We’re all guilty of rolling out of bed and throwing on sweats and a sweatshirt before rushing out for the day. But with no real added effort, you can look so much more put together with some simple pieces. Pictured above are some sweatshirt alternatives.

Most of us put on a sweatshirt for the ease and comfort, but the pieces above offer just that but with some polish. Sweatshirts don’t need to be baggy to be comfortable or fitted to be chic. Find something that looks tailored, but doesn’t feel constricting. Go for solid colors like blue, black, brown, or gray for ultimate versatility.

Above we have some zip-up hoodies – perfect for when you’re in a hurry! They’re simple, but with those little additions (stitching, pockets, buttons, etc.) that make your outfit look effortlessly stylish. Also pictured above is a motorcycle jacket, BUT it’s not leather. The hot new cousin to the leather moto jacket is the wool moto jacket. Sure, leather motorcycle or bomber jackets are in style, but it’s not for everyone. Wool really tones down the look, but still stands out. Another option is the cardigan. If you’re looking for a cardigan that can replace a sweatshirt, look for a loosely fit cardigan. Buttonless cardigans or grandpa cardigans are great options as they offer comfort, warmth, and style.

My current personal favorite sweatshirt alternative is the wool or cotton blazer. Suit blazers are great, but not for everyday wear. These are much more comfortable, and not to mention, cheaper! They are excellent for a day out as it looks put-together and casual. Pictured above in the middle is the Flipside Blazer from Anthropologie ($88). I just picked mine up a few weeks ago and I have fallen in love! It is extremely fitted so unless you have freakishly slim limbs, I recommend going up a size if you plan on rolling the sleeves. The BCBG blazer on the right is available on BlueFly.

Any of these sweatshirt alternatives can easily be paired with a t-shirt and jeans. So instead of heading for the baggy sweatshirt and sweats, make any of these alternatives your new go-to. I’ll admit that I’m not getting rid of any comfy sweatshirts any time soon, but I’ll definitely take an extra minute to think about an alternative.



  1. dear Robin,

    I really like that black zippy jacket with the collar. But you do not tell me where I can acquire such a jacket. Please help.

    love, Allison

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