Color of the Month – Turquoise

Hello readers! Sorry for the long hiatus. We’ve been busy with the dreaded start of the Spring semester. With the massive pile-up of homework and dishes, blogging has unfortunately hit the back burner. But don’t fret – new posts are headed your way to fill that Dressed In Orange void I’m sure you all have.

So with a new month comes a new color.  February’s color of the month is a calming turquoise.  I’ve been bored with all the fashion bloggers’ posts about wearing red/pink this month in honor of Valentine’s Day. Festive, but so passé.

Turquoise has been popping up in some Spring runways as a bright alternative to blue or green.  I’ve always loved the color because of its versatility. And this color really looks great on any skin tone.

Burberry, Tory Burch, Hobo International, Ray-Ban, Urban Outfitters, Joan & David

Romance is in the air this month and I have fallen in love with the Burberry dress. (And it’s on SALE!)  The vintage inspired dress would look great with a cool pair of red wedges.

Turquoise accessories are perfect for this season. They can brighten any outfit with a pop of color that isn’t too loud. Remember that simplicity in style can really speak volumes!  I adore anything and everything Tory Burch and these flat sandals are no exception. Tory Burch logo sandals come in a wide variety of colors, but I see most people opt for black. You can find cute black sandals anywhere, so if you’re going to drop $200 for a pair of sandals, why not go for something more unique that stands out?

I also love Ray-Ban wayfarers. I’m sure everyone is sick of seeing them everywhere, but these iconic glasses are a great investment as they will never go out of style. Black wayfarers are classic, but rarely do you see anyone rocking a pair in turquoise.

You can find the Joan & David pumps on Piperlime, the Hobo International clutch wallet at Nordstrom, and the watch at Urban Outfitters.

What are your thoughts on turquoise this season?

Have fun shopping!


P.S.  Happy belated Valentine’s Day! I hope you all enjoyed the day with loves and friends and received the Harry Winston jewelry all of us girls deserve!


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