Mise en Scène – Alice in Wonderland

We’re introducing a new series here at Dressed In Orange called Mise en Scène. Mise en scène refers to the design aspects of a film or stage production. It can refer to the set, lighting, costumes, props, etc.  We want to bring fashions and themes from the movies into your closet and everyday wardrobe.

To kick-start the series, we have Alice in Wonderland.  I was inspired by watching Tim Burton’s live-action Alice this past weekend. Alice in Wonderland (the books, the Disney movie, everything!) is a definite childhood favorite and I will never grow tired of anything Wonderland.

I wanted to keep in style with the more iconic and whimsical pieces of the film, but with some modern flair.

Black bow Tasha headband $38 at Nordstrom, Bunny stud earrings $42 at Juicy Couture, Kimchi Blue Chiffon dress $58 at Urban Outfitters, Who’s the Fairest Mirror $148 at Anthropologie, Romantic Cluster Clock necklace $28 at Urban Outfitters, Juicy Couture mini charm bracelet $38.90 (on sale) at Nordstrom, Inge Christopher blush evening cluth $112 at Lori’s, N.Y.L.A. Mary Jane flat $79.95 (on sale) at Endless.com.

Post your Alice style suggestions!

Have fun shopping!



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