Color of the Month – Army Green

Sorry we’ve been MIA lately! Dressed In Orange was put on hold for a few weeks to concentrate on school. For me, graduation is coming up soon and I needed to get my head back into my classes. (Lucky for Grace, she’s got another year to avoid the real world.) But don’t fret, dear readers, because with midterms behind us, we promise lots of new posts.

Sorry we didn’t have a Color of the Month for March, but here’s the Color of the Month for April:

This month, I decided to go with army green, a neutral tone that’s guaranteed to be hot this spring/summer.

Alexander Wang, Spring 10 RTW

Military inspired clothing, especially the anorak, hit big on the S/S 10 RTW runways. It started hitting the trends in the fall, but it has recently been trickling down into retail stores. Alexander Wang’s Spring 10 RTW runway show was full of military inspired pieces with a very neutral palette, including army green, as pictured above.

Wearing army green can be a bit of a challenge.  I’ve always liked army green for structured jackets, loose tops, and shirt dresses. Structured army green jackets are effortlessly chic and can really pull an outfit together.

Juicy Couture, Theory, Free People

The Juicy Couture Tony Hooded Military Coat is available at Juicy Couture and Neiman Marcus. (It’s actually $10 cheaper at Neimans!)  The cuffed sleeve length and buttons down the back bring femininity to what can honestly look a little drab. (remember Lindsay Weir from Freaks and Geeks?)  Paired with those wedges, you’ve got the perfect Spring outfit.

The Theory Treasure dress in the middle has a wide elastic waistband that looks chic and comfortable. And who doesn’t look pockets in dresses?

The Free People cargo jacket is a lightweight jacket with a flattering cut. I tried it on and it I think it runs a bit small so keep that in mind if you’re looking to buy it. The jacket would go great with jeans or even a black mini (as pictured).

Army green isn’t an easy color to pull off. Unless you really think it’s flattering, don’t just go out and buy army pants and flip flops (Mean Girls anyone?).  Try using army green accessories. You can buy relatively cheap army bags at your local army surplus store, but if you want something a little more unique and fashionable, I found a great company called Temple Bags.

Temple Bags is a great company that creates one-of-a-kind bags made from re-purposed field bags from WWII.  The bags are a little pricey, but they’re made from quality materials and it’s a fabulous way to own a piece of history!  Check their website often because they constantly update with new products. They already have a couple different iPad bags available (pictured first above).  Any bag ordered may look a little different from the picture because the material color will vary, but I think it makes the bags all the more unique.

Have fun shopping!



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    Thhe bottoms oof tthe pants are nylon drawatring with a fused, knotted andd tackedd closure.

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