Finals AND Style?

I know, I know– how can these two words possibly exist in the same post? Admittedly, on a day where you have 3 finals, what you wear should be the last thing on your mind. However, having just completed  two finals while struggling to pin my hair out of my face as I wrote, I returned to my age-old standby: the bun.

Having taken ballet for 9 years, I have become a master of the bobby pin, but recently I have been trying my hand at a slightly more undone bun– a style that is more “Parisian chic” than “stuck studying”. I think the Parisienne blog by Yves Saint Laurent gives a great visual representation of how to achieve the “perfect messy bun”.

images from Parisienne blog.

So, in honor of the bun, I put together a parisian inspired outfit that will keep you looking smart while you are studying in the library for hours, running to Starbucks, and bumping into friends after a terrible 2 1/2 hours of testing.

Shirt: Cecille Stripe Tunic by French Connection

Leggings: Hue Denim Leggings with Side Snaps

Shoes: Champion Canvas Originals by Keds

Shirt: French Connection; Leggings: Hue; Shoes: Keds.

Have fun STUDYING!




  1. I have so much love for outfits like this, thanks so much for posting!

    Would be amazing if you could post about how you do your ballet bun, as I’m a figure skater with really long hair and I have such problems doing buns that stay :(

  2. Hi Dina,

    I’ve totally been there, I used to have waist-length wavy hair! Here are some tools you will need for a secure ballet bun:

    a strong hair elastic:
    a sheer hair net:
    long bobby pins:

    Brush your hair into a ponytail on the crown of your head. Next take the hair net, hold one edge at the base of your ponytail (you can pin it there for ease), and scoop your hair into the net. If your hair is too long, have your hair curl up inside the net.

    Next twist your hair and swirl it into a cinnamon bun around your pony tail– the hair net should keep the bun from looking spiky.

    Keeping your hand on the bun, pin your hair by sliding your index finger into the pin to open it into a v, and slide it into the center of the bun, getting the pin as close to the roots of your hair as possible and anchoring the pin ends in the elastic of your pony tail. I do about a pin every 3/4 inch around the perimeter of the bun, then shake my head to see if it feels secure, and add more pins if necessary.

    Then all that’s left is to add some personality! As a child in the 90’s I used a lot of scrunchies, but I think it would be so fresh to pin a silk or chiffon flower off to the side of the bun. I really love Tasha’s flower clips ($28, sold at Nordstrom which would look equally stylish pinned in your hair when it is down.

    I hope this helps– have fun skating!


  3. I have only been to one ballet concert in my life and that was to see The Nutcracker at the Oakland Theater several years ago.

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