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Hello readers! It’s summertime and for me, that means VACATION. I just graduated and I’m ready to de-stress and unwind abroad. Tomorrow, I’m headed off for Europe for 3 weeks! Before I go, I thought I’d do a post about comfortable and chic style for those long plane rides. I’ll be in the air for about 11 hours tomorrow and I want to make sure that I’ll be ultra-comfortable. Here are my top 5 rules for flying in style:
1. Don’t wear belts. No matter how short the flight is, belts can become uncomfortable very quickly. Over time, they can cut into you and leave you feeling restrained. If you think you need a belt for your pants, pick out a different pair of pants altogether. Even those “comfortable” waist belts for shirts and dresses will have you cursing belts in no time.
2. Wear stretchy clothing. Your clothes don’t have to be tight or baggy, but make sure you can move in it. Pick out clothes that have a little stretch to them. Jersey tops are the best way to go.
3. Bring a jacket/cardigan. I know I’m not alone when I say it gets super cold in an airplane. Try not to rely on the blankets the airline provides; they can be dirty or they can run out.
4. Avoid dresses and shirts that tie in the back. Empire waist tops with ties in the back are cute, but during a long flight, you’ll find yourself untying them in a jiffy. Leaning against a knot becomes a huge annoyance to your back.
5. Wear slip-on shoes. Don’t wear your lace-ups, multi-buckled shoes, or overly strappy sandals to the airport. Most airport security checkpoints have travelers take their shoes on and off, so you want to make sure you can get through without a hitch.
Here’s an outfit similar to the one I’ll be sporting tomorrow:

Charlotte Russe Black Denim Leggings $29.99. TOMS Women’s Linen Classics $48. Promises Promises Slub Pocket Tank $9.99. Splendid Draped Jersey Cardigan $63. Medium “In Bloomie’s We Trust” Recycled Cotton Canvas Tote Bag $28.
I have the pair of black denim leggings pictured above. They look just like jeans but they are just as comfortable as a pair of leggings. Tomorrow I’ll be wearing a loose tank and my favorite Splendid Cardigan, similar to the ones pictured above. Splendid cardigans are among my favorite items in my entire wardrobe. They’re comfy and soft. Plus, they really keep their shape, color, and size after washing. I have a few Splendid cardigans over 2 years old and they are still just like new.
For a carry-on bag, I like bringing a medium-size tote. It’s large enough to carry anything you’ll need in flight and it’s collapsable to be compact enough to tuck into your suitcase without taking up much room.
Keep those 5 rules in mind and you’ll be traveling in comfort. And please, leave the velour tracksuits at home.



  1. hey so I think my mom would actually argue AGAINST slip on shoes because if the plane crashes in water they will fall off more easily than tied on shoes and then what will protect you from the sharks.

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