Fall Watches

Credit: Saks.com

Burberry $295. Casio $130. Marc by Marc Jacobs $200. Michael Kors $195. Glam Rock $1,195. Juicy Couture $195.

Watches have been hitting big this summer and are sure to be a must-have accessory for the fall. White watches were a great summer accessory, but for the fall, try moving on to watches with a little more color. Ivory, gold, and tortoise shell are key accessory colors this fall. I love the Casio calculator watch (pictured above) – it brings back some 90’s geek nostalgia. I also love the orange Juicy Couture watch; it can bring an unexpected splash of color to your fall neutral outfits. The above watches are a little out of my budget, so I’m opting for this:

You can get this Betsey Johnson watch for $65. It has the signature curly numbers that come on nearly every Betsey watch. And the band is a traditional leopard print. Various September issues agree that leopard accessories are the IT items for this season. Check out Mulberry’s fall handbag line and you’ll see tons of leopard.


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