Sorority Recruitment: Night 1

Hi readers!

I have been busy the past couple weeks gearing up for recruitment here at Chapman University (not to mention the start of classes last week) which left me reflecting on what I wore to recruitment my freshman year. It would be irrational to say that what you wear during recruitment doesn’t matter, but I would like to say that it is most important to be true to yourself when you are picking out what to wear. Wearing your mom’s class ring on a chain around your neck can spark a much more interesting (and memorable) conversation than some necklace you picked up the day before at a department store.

That being said, if you googled “what to wear for recruitment” and got this site, you are looking for some real answers, and I’m here to lend you some inspiration. I think what is important to consider is that you are going for sorority recruitment, so your look should be polished and feminine. Here’s what I would love to wear if I had to go through the process again:

NIGHT 1: Go Greek Night

It is suggested you wear something close to what you would wear on a first date– jeans, a nice top, interesting jewelry, and COMFORTABLE shoes. I stress the word comfortable because I have seen many girls go through recruitment with brand new shoes only to end up with blisters and wincing with every step. It is a lot more important to pay attention to the conversation you are having then to be sporting your adorable 5″ platform booties and feeling like your feet are on fire half the night.

J.Crew Brocade Top $118, J.Crew Stretch Twill Minnie Pant $59, Stella & Dot Perfect Faceted Earrings $39, Nadri Crystal Bangle $49 each, H&M Shoes $25

I think it is important to remember to convey some of your personality through your outfit, because that’s how you will feel the most confidant throughout the night. I loved the classic shape of the brocade shirt– it’s golden glow will make you stand out from all the other girls, but the conservative neckline adds some sophistication. I also love the Stretch Twill Minnie Pant, after trying on a pair at the store I fell head-over-heels for the comfortable cotton fabric which has an unmistakably stylish cut. I threw in the bangles to add just a little bit more shine, and even though the bracelets are $49 each, their style is classic and can be re-worn again day or night, season after season. For the sake of this post I will also use these bracelets in my next post about night 2 of recruitment: Philanthropy Night.

Have fun shopping!




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