Fashion’s Night Out: The Show

Credit: The Cut

On Tuesday, the Lincoln Center in NYC hosted Fashion’s Night Out: The Show. Essentially, it’s a big runway show and concert to celebrate the start of Fashion Week and Fashion’s Night Out this Friday. The show was comprised of 171 looks and it opened strongly with Gisele Bundchen leading the way.

Credit: The Cut

Celebrities, designers, and models who were lucky enough to score a spot on the seating chart had a great opportunity to show off their great fashion senses. Too bad some of them totally bombed. Here are the night’s worst dressed:

Credit: Huffington Post

For me, it’s a tie between Ashley Tisdale and Julianne Moore. I actually like the booties they’re wearing, but the dresses are all wrong. Ashley’s dress is just so…blah. The color does not do her any favors and the sleeves are pretty tragic. And does anyone else think her spray tan and hairstyle make her look a little Jerseylicious? Julianne Moore’s dress is also pretty horrible. The cut and pattern make her look heavy. The sleeves are too boxy and an awkward length.

I think the best dressed of the night was hands-down Blake Lively.

Credit: Huffington Post

That dress looks gorgeous! It’s styled perfectly with those pumps and her hair pulled back into a sleek ponytail. You probably can’t tell from the photo, but the “print” on this Marchesa dress is actually created by tons of beads and sequins. The bright yellow and navy blue colors make this such a fun look. This has got me lusting after this dress, but the multi-thousand price tag is just a little out of reach.


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