The Equestrian Persona

Photographer: Mario Testino for Vogue

A ran across this picture on the newly redesigned and it inspired me to do an equestrian outfit post. I love the classic equestrian look – beautiful riding boots, a fitted blazer, and leather accessories. Actually, equestrian inspired looks have been popping up on recent runways.


From the left we have a look from Ralph Lauren and a look from Hermès.  The look from the Ralph Lauren collection reminds me of fall in the east coast or perhaps the British countryside. Alternatively, Hermès is a little more Parisian luxe.

Here’s the inspired look:

Mulberry Alexa Bag $1,150. Tinley Road Equestrian Blazer $59. Lauren by Ralph Lauren Herringbone Equestrian Hat $54. ModCloth Stable Style Belt $19.99. Jodhpur Leggings $54. Alfani Becka Boots $94.99. Vita Fede Combina Cognac Wrap Bracelet $75.

Everything is under $100, so it won’t dent your wallet too much. Well, except the Mulberry Alexa bag, but I couldn’t help but put it in! My favorite pieces (other than the Alex bag, of course) are the Alfani boots and the Jodhpur leggings. Jodhpur not only refers to a city in India, but also to the style of pants. They are very fitted and only go down to the ankles. Typically, jodhpurs have an extra patch of fabric on the inside of the knee as seen above.

I’m not sure I’d have the courage to go out in a complete equestrian style ensemble, but I’m eager to get a few key pieces to get the gist of it.


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