Colorful Scarves for Spring Days

Spring Scarves, via Dressed in Orange

1. Plein Air Floral Scarf / 2. Olivine Scarf / 3. Popping Petals Scarf

4. H&M Scarf / 5. Tri-tone Pom Scarf / 6. H&M Scarf

7. Oversized Ombre Scarf / 8. H&M Scarf / 9. Striped Scarf

Spring is usually a difficult season to dress for in Northern California. There are chilly mornings and warm afternoons, then breezy and foggy evenings that make it near impossible to appropriately dress for the weather. Layering truly is king around here, and I’m always thankful when I remember to grab a scarf as I run out the door in the morning. Adding a scarf is also my favorite way to update my winter wardrobe– adding a floral or batik scarf to a plain dark sweater updates my look and lengthens the seasonality of my cold-weather clothes. I’m especially loving the first and ninth scarves in this round up– the floral would be so easy to mix with it’s wide variety of colors, and the wide black and white stripes are perfectly on point for spring.

Do you have a favorite spring scarf? Share it in the comments!



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