Noe Valley Farmer’s Market

Noe Valley Farmer's Market via Dressed In Orange


There are few weekend activities I love more than going to the farmer’s market.  I live just a few blocks from the farmer’s market in Noe Valley, so it always makes for a quick and easy trip.  The fog and drizzle this morning made the produce seem especially fresh and vibrant in comparison.


Farmer's market goods via Dressed In Orange


This week’s haul: red and golden beets, lacinto kale, green onions, green garlic, cilantro, pea shoots, and blood oranges.  I can’t wait to start incorporating these into this week’s meals.  Ideas so far – roasted beet salad, kale chips, and blood orange mojitos!




  1. where is the market in Noe? I live nearer to Alemany’s but they only have it on Sat. Is Noe’s on Sat. only also? I never knew that Noe valley had a farmers market. Good for them. I love farmers markets!!

    1. The Noe Valley farmer’s market is every Saturday on 24th & Vicksburg – the empty lot near Whole Foods. I haven’t been to the Alemany one so I’ll have to check it out!

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