Outdoor Furniture and Accessories

Outdoor Furniture and Pillows, via Dressed in Orange
Chelsea Chair / Black & White Pillow / Tibetan Cloud Stool
Ammerö Chair / Kilim Pillow 1 / Kilim Pillow 2  / Grass Stool
Casbah Chair / Banana Leaves Pillow / Mallard Stool
Roxö ChairGeometric Pink PillowModern Stool

With the days growing increasingly warmer, I am itching to move our chairs and pillows back out to the balcony to enjoy the nice weather. Outdoor furniture was not high on my list of purchases when I moved into an apartment, but over time I have gathered a couple pieces that have made the great outdoors much more enjoyable. I started off getting a pair of wicker armchairs from Ikea that were deeply discounted and being discontinued; I ended up taking the floor models home since they were the last ones in stock! The chairs are supremely comfortable and are also attractive, which is important when they are clearly visible from the living room couch. I also appreciate that they are stackable and lightweight so I can easily move them inside and outside if needed.

Another key patio item I love is a ceramic stool– there are a bevy of options out there, and if you pick one that meshes with your interior decor, they can be very useful inside during the cold winter months. I have used my stool in my apartment in at least four different places (as an entryway mail holder, living room side table, desk chair, and bathroom towel holder), and it also pulls double duty outside as a side table to put my morning coffee on or as an extra seat if friends are over. These stools are so useful, I even bought a second one a couple months ago to make a matching pair, and they are as useful together as they are separate.

The last item a comfortable patio needs is pillows– it’s really the final piece for making your outdoor area an extension of your indoor living space. Adding in texture and pattern through pillows, or even outdoor rugs, makes your outdoor space really inviting and cozy, and can accent and enhance any surrounding plants you have.  By choosing pillows that complement your interior, there is also the added bonus of being able to use the pillows inside as well! I am especially loving the look of kilim pillows right now and would love to add some to the mix in and out of my apartment.

Are you fixing up your outdoor space for warm weather yet? Or are you still waiting for Spring to show in your area? Please share!



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