Shop Spotlight: Kari Herer

Kari Herer Photography, via Dressed in Orange

clockwise, from top right: 9887 / 3240 / 6986 / 9899

I need more of these lovely botanical and illustrated photographs by Kari Herer added to my apartment ASAP! I love the beautifully selected and styled flowers in all her photographs and am having a hard time picking a favorite.

A couple weeks ago I was happily surprised to find that one of her photos is being sold at Ikea, right next to some frames I was in the store to pick up. Knowing it was fate (and for only $5!) I quickly scooped up the print and RIBBA frame that fit it perfectly, and had the photo hung that day! I love how the oranges of the flowers complement my navy drapes, and play off the coral and lavender bedding I have. Now I’m thinking that this photo needs to come live in my home too, this time in the entryway… decisions, decisions!


P. S. Check out her animal portraits on her website, they are SO adorable!

Kari Herer Photograph, via Dressed in Orange


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