Putting Together A Terrarium

Last weekend I fell in love with the geometric terrariums at Paxton Gate.  I couldn’t stop thinking about them, so I went back this weekend to buy one.  Paxton Gate has all the supplies you’ll need to get started so I picked up a few things to go inside my new terrarium as well.

Terrarium supplies from Paxton Gate via Dressed In Orange

I put down a bed of river rocks with the moss laid gently on top.  I picked out two species of air plants, both belonging to the same genus, Tillandsia, and carefully placed them on top of the moss.  Display your terrarium in indirect light and take care not to overwater.  Air plants only need a couple mists of water every few days with the occasional soak.

I’m told these plants are pretty hearty and resilient – perfect for someone like me who has even managed to kill cactuses.  The hardest part now is to find the perfect place to display this beauty.

Geometric Terrarium via Dressed In Orange




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