Bringing Nature Inside

Natural Interiors, via Dressed in Orange

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You can blame it on my Californian upbringing, but between the 80 degree temps and today being Earth Day I can’t help but want to add more natural and organic elements into my apartment. Incorporating natural textures like linen and wood and adding plants to your apartment is an incredibly easy way to bring the outside in, especially when you live in an urban area that might not have nature-filled views. Natural textures are also easy to layer with cozier blankets and pillows in the fall and winter months, which is key for seasonal decorating when you have limited storage.

I also love incorporating up-cycled items into my apartment, such as an adorable succulent potted in a vintage biscotti tin I bought at the Alameda Antiques Fair  several months ago. What I would change about it, however, are the holes that were poked in the bottom of the tin for drainage– I have to keep a plate underneath it or suffer severe rust marks on my counter. I have plans to re-pot it based off this DIY tutorial from Canadian House and Home, which suggested adding gravel to the bottom of the tea tins, along with a plastic liner to avoid leaking. I love that they potted herbs in their tins, which would save you from needing to buy cut herbs at the grocery store. Beauty, economy, and environmentally-friendly, all in one package!

DIY Herbs in Tea Tins from House and Home, via Dressed in Orange

DIY, via Glitter Guide



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