Gem and Stone Print Shop

Jen Altman's Gem and Stone Print Shop, via Dressed in Orange

images via

Reading the Design*Sponge article this morning on gem scarves by Jen Altman reminded me of seeing her lovely print store, Gem and Stone, a while back. Her beautiful close up photos of minerals are showstopping, and provide a perfect mix of modern abstraction and organic warmth. As an apartment-dweller I’m always cautious about what I buy for my home, considering a piece’s usability if I were to move to a new location. Art is one thing I can always convince myself to buy: not only is it light enough to easily move from place to place, it can also be hung, leaned and layered in almost any room. I can easily envision my favorite, the Amethyst print, hanging above my sofa now, and in 10 years hanging it in my office, master bath, or guest room. As long as you truly love the piece, you will always be able to find a space to make it work!



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