Weekend Inspiration 4.27.13

This week has felt especially slow, so the weekend couldn’t arrive soon enough!  I’m ready to fill my days with a mix of adventure and relaxation.  A few things inspiring me this weekend:
Weekend Inspiration, via Dressed in Orange

I’ve been eager to completely update my apartment for Spring, but with a small budget and roommates’ tastes to consider, I’m opting for a simpler, yet impactful change.  Adding new patterns and colors to existing pillows is the easiest way to bring your home into the latest season.  I plan to visit Britex to pick out fabrics in whites and blues to be sewn into covers.  Interchangeable covers can be washed and stored as the seasons change to keep your living space fresh.

It’s two of my roommates’ birthdays this weekend, and to celebrate we’re going ziplining through the Redwoods.  This actually seems a little terrifying, but the idea of experiencing a beautiful forest from above outweighs my fears.

I hardly ever need a real reason to bake, but 2 birthdays in one weekend is the best excuse to try some new decorating techniques.  (Style Me Pretty Living posted steps on creating rosettes using a star tip on your piping bag.)  And instead of having hot coffee with cake, I’ll be reaching for a glass of iced coffee to cool down this weekend.

What’s inspiring you this weekend?


Images via: Home / Redwoods / Iced Coffee / Cake


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