Shop Spotlight: Dog Eared Books

A couple weekends ago, while perusing the shops on Valencia in the Mission, we stopped in at Dog Eared Books.  Neither of us had ever been inside, and we had clearly been missing out.

Dog Eared Books via Dressed In Orange

Dog Eared Books via Dressed In Orange

They have an amazing selection of new, used, and rare books, and at great prices.  Naturally, we gravitated toward the fashion, art, and design books.  We were able to pick up some high quality, new and used coffee table books at a fraction of their cover prices.  Here’s how we styled the books in our respective apartments.

Book styling via Dressed In Orange

Allure by Diana Vreeland
Botanicals – Assouline
Henri Matisse: A Retrospective – MoMA

Robin: My bedroom has dark furniture with white walls and light, neutral bedding.  So to break up some of the monotony, I used my Dog Eared Books finds to add pops of color to my bedside table.  With the support of books, I was able to lean my framed antique postcard of the Flood Building I purchased at Stuff.   To add different shapes to the mix, I topped the books with my Voluspa Crisp Champagne candle and added in a terrarium.  These simple additions instantly made my bedroom feel fresh and lively.

Book styling via Dressed In Orange

Unseen Warhol by John O’Connor and Benjamin Liu
Baroque Architecture by by Lemerle Frederique and Yves Pauwels
Picasso: La Joie De Vivre, 1945-1948 by Palazzo Grassi

 Grace:  My living room is mostly neutral, with the exception of my bookshelf and art. To add some personality to my dark, industrial go-cart table from CB2 I stacked my books and used them as a platform to draw attention to some of my favorite objects. This includes a little blue and white pot I picked up in a Healdsburg antique shop, a childhood photo, an antique Berber necklace I bought in Morocco, and brass candlesticks and an acrylic painting from the Alameda Antique Fair. I love how the books give the lighter objects some weight and creates a small vignette of beloved memories.

All photos taken by Dressed in Orange.



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