A Handmade Wedding

A handmade wedding via Dressed In Orange

Over the weekend, we were in Orange County for our friends’ wedding. It was a beautiful day and the event was simple and sweet.  A lot of elements in the event were created by the couples’ friends and family, making the details even more special.  The dessert table was even filled with treats baked by friends. Grace and I were asked to create a couple things for the special day and we happily obliged!

Floral Wedding Hairpiece via Dressed In Orange

Robin: I created the flower hairpiece and birdcage veil, both seen above. I used a mix of organza and tulle to create a bloomed peony-like flower.  (Look out for the step by step tutorial!)  For the veil, the bride wanted something detachable for easy removal before the reception.  Never having made a veil before, I was originally nervous about the request, but I followed these instructions and found it to be incredibly easy!  The result was exactly what she was looking for and she looked stunning.

Wedding Table Sign via Dressed In Orange

Grace: I made these silver leafed Mr. and Mrs. signs for either side of the sweetheart table, which the newlyweds and the bridal party sat at. The silver leafing process was admittedly pretty time consuming (each letter took between 45 to 90 minutes), but the texture and reflection they brought to the table was well worth it. My local craft stores had stopped carrying these letters, so I bought them online here, in the 8 inch size which worked perfectly. I followed these instructions for metal leafing, and was very careful to maximize the sheet and remnant placement (which is really difficult, the sheets are thinner than tissue paper!). I found that cutting the pack of sheets in half before I started helped a lot, since the smaller sheets were more manageable around all the edges and corners. In the end, I used slightly less than one pack of silver leaf for all five letters, but I was glad I had bought a second pack of silver leaf as a cushion. It is also nice to have a metallic silver sharpie or paint pen for touch ups in small corners, and a moist towel on hand to get the size off of your fingers, since the sheets will adhere to anything sticky. Now that I have one silver leafing project under my belt, I have plans for another smaller project for my apartment, which I will post about soon!

Congratulations Kelsey and Robert! We are so happy for you both!

photo by Nathan Worden's Photo of the Day

Getaway photo by Nathan Worden, from Nathan Worden’s Photo of the Day


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