Pom Pom Zipper Pull

Make your own Pom Pom zipper pull or bag charm, via Dressed in Orange

After seeing several different renditions of Pom Pom zipper pulls and bag charms, I decided it would be fun to make my own. There are a lot of really bright and colorful versions of these available on Etsy, but the beauty in making your own is that you can customize the colors to suit your favorite bags. I chose stone, wood, and paper beads in white, black, and turquoise to complement the new purse I got at the Rebecca Minkoff Sample Sale two weeks ago.

Materials needed for making your own Pom Pom zipper pull, via Dressed in OrangeNote: For this project, I bought pre-wound yarn (labeled “craft trim”) which saved me from winding the yarn myself, and also meant I didn’t have to store leftover yarn after this project. Any yarn will do for this project, but if you are winding the yarn yourself, follow these instructions, and wind about 20 yards of yarn per pom pom.

Pom Pom Zipper Pull DIY, via Dressed in Orange

Pom Pom Zipper Pull DIY, via Dressed in Orange

Here’s how:

  1. Find the end of the yarn, and cut off a length of yarn about 12″ long. Then, cut along one side of your wound yarn, and keeping all the yarn in place, slip the card the yarn was wound around out.
  2. Keeping your hand on the folded yarn, wrap the foot of yarn you had previously cut around the midsection of the yarn you are holding, pull tight, and tie in a double knot. It can help to have a friend lend you a finger to get the knot really tight, and to make sure the yarn is in the true middle of the pom pom as you are tying it.
  3. Slip your scissors through the folded end of the pom pom, and cut through the loops, making sure to cut them all close to the center of the fold.
  4. Roll the pom pom between your hands, like you are rolling dough into a ball, to get all the strings to fluff into a spherical shape
  5. Give your pom pom a trim (but don’t cut the foot long string that tied the pom pom together), cutting the uneven strings to even out the pom pom and give it a round shape. Just don’t get too carried away– part of the pom pom’s charm is that it is handmade and a little irregular.
  6. Repeat steps 1-5 to make two more pom poms!
  7. Knot the leather cording on the end of the swivel clasp, and feed the tail of the knot through the first bead you string so the knot looks finished. String as many beads as you like (my longest string is 4.5 inches of beads long) and when you are satisfied with the length of your zipper pull, triple knot the long piece of yarn on your pom pom to the end of the leather cording, and trim the excess yarn/cord a 1/4″ from that knot’s end.

There are many different ways you could vary this project– you could just make one pom pom and attach it to a key ring to make finding your keys in your bag easier, or you could make pom poms out of ribbon or raffia for a fun and unique texture.

If you make your own pom pom zipper pull or other pom pom project, please share in the comments– I would love to see your take on it!

the finished Pom Pom zipper pull, via Dressed in Orange


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