Weekend Inspiration 6.7.13

Weekend Inspiration, via Dressed in Orange

art print / shirt / ring / shoes

Work has been especially crazy this week since I have taken on a couple new projects, so if you were wondering about the sporadic posting this week, mea culpa!

It must be in reaction to how busy my days have gotten, but I am now craving simplicity in my wardrobe and home. I know it is summer and I should be enthusiastically wearing neon and patterns, but right now pared down classics just feel right to me. Lately I have been standing in my closet, thinking I have nothing to wear when I know it is the exact opposite– and I think some editing, reassessing, and strategic purchases are just what I need to make my closet workable and inspiring again. Plus, with some new found space, I’ll actually have room to add this Everlane blouse, this Stella and Bow midi/pinky ring, and these t-strap ballet flats to my wardrobe. If that’s not an incentive, I don’t know what is!

I’m also loving this calm, minimalist print by Fabienne Rivory. I learned about her work through Daniell Krysa, who writes the blog  The Jealous Curator. A dreamy combination of photography and paint, I want to add this piece to my apartment ASAP.

Hope you have a great weekend!



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