Summer Salad

Summer Salad | Dressed In Orange

I always crave refreshing and crisp foods in the summer.  Salads with seasonal additions make for a light, but satisfying meal during these long, sunny days.  Salads are often labeled as boring or unappetizing but I couldn’t disagree more!  Lettuce + dressing alone, to me, don’t count as a real salad…

I like to pick up fresh ingredients at the farmer’s market and improvise when I get home.  I made the salad above using romaine, basil, green onions, fresh corn, mushroom, radishes, quinoa, and shaved Gruyere.  Experimenting with new ingredients is a small pleasure that also helps me improve and broaden my cooking.  And there’s something so satisfying about using the ingredients you picked up that morning in an effortless meal.  Plus, I always make my own dressing at home — way more cost effective and delicious than store-bought dressing.



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