Books, Bookshelves, and Collecting

Style your bookshelves, via Dressed in Orange

Someday, I hope to have a giant library in my home, not only because I love vintage bookends, but also because I will be able to fully indulge my book and magazine collecting habits (read: mild hoarding). I’ve always loved having books close by, which is probably a genetic trait passed down to me by grandfather, who has the most voracious literary appetite I know of. I even took a Book Arts class in college, which only deepened my love for old books (and I got to take the class with Robin, which made it extra fun!)

With the Summer Flea Market season upon us, and Etsy filled with great unique options, there is no time like the present to read a great book by the pool, and to add some personality to your bookshelf. I love browsing the book collections offered on One Kings Lane, since many of their books are discounted; but I also like looking through used book stores (like this one in SF), and in the stacks at flea markets and estate sales. If you prefer to use your e-reader, however, and don’t want to give up a beautiful bookshelf or break the bank, I love searching through Etsy for “Vintage Book Sets” to fill out shelves with some color and history.

This summer, I’m hoping I can add a couple more volumes to my collection of painting books, both from flea markets and from some art exhibits I hope to visit here in the city. Do you have a type of book you like to collect?

New Traditional //The French Dog book , Once Upon a Time book, Burlwood box, Agate bookends, Vintage Globe bookends

Classic Prep // Camelot book, Camelot book, Iris Paper box, Pineapple bookends, Poodle bookends,

Creative Modern // Martha’s Vineyard, Contemporary Living book, Avedon: Murals and Portraits book, Orange Lacquer box, Concrete bookends, Hand bookends


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