Monday Wishlist

Wishlist: Stripes, denim, loafers, and diamond studs

Just a little outfit to cure the post-holiday (and Monday) blues… stripes, studs, and a slouchy tee sound perfect right about now.

1. Linen Tee / 2. Earrings (would LOVE to get these) / 3. Denim Jacket / 4.  Striped Skirt (perfect for work and weekend) / 5. Ring / 6.  Loafers (just bought these, so excited!)



  1. I love the subtle color combination you chose with the different textures of fabrics, including the denim jacket and the striped skirt, to create a classic Americana look with a bold surprise in the beautiful bold blue hued loafers. The combination of the the simple palate with specifically chosen pops of color and pattern is what makes this combination interesting. This combo is a great image to inspire others to put together simple outfits with basics and make them interesting with accessories and color. The one thing I think you are missing is my personal favorite, a bright clutch! If I could add this bright red exotic clutch to your Monday wishlist I would! Check it out!
    xoxo, Liz

      1. Thanks Grace. You iPad will fit in the Clutch too so you can work on the go and look good at the same time! I am addicted to them right now. I recently discovered your blog and have been enjoying your posts. Keep up the good work!

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