Shop Spotlight: Baggu

Favorite picks from Baggu | Dressed In OrangeLiving in San Francisco, it’s pretty much a requirement to have a reusable bag handy.  In an effort to reduce waste, the city even passed a law to discourage the excessive use of shopping bags.  Since then, Baggu bags have become part of my list of everyday essentials.  These are great reusable, packable totes that fold into slim squares to be easily stored in your purse.  They hold much more than you’d think and are sturdier than the reusable totes you might find at a grocery store check-out line.

Baggu | Dressed In Orange

Baggu not only sells nylon bags, but also leather and canvas totes, backpacks, and pouches.  All the designs are wonderfully simple and come in a variety of playful colors and designs.  The whole collection would be perfect for traveling or just grocery hauls.

all images via Baggu



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