Oversized Flower Photography

affordable oversized Flower Photography, inspired by Paul Lange | via Dressed in Orange

Aerin Lauder office photos by Pieter Estersohn, for Architectural Digest.

After seeing these photos of Aerin Lauder’s Manhattan office on Pinterest for months now, I have been dying to figure out where I can get my hands on  a show-stopping flower photograph of my very own. The original pieces by Paul Lange (from his Big Blooms series) are seriously incredible and definitely worth pinching pennies for, but if you can’t wait to get your own piece of floral artwork, I suggest you take a look at the offerings on Art.com. After browsing around for a bit, I found a variety of flowers and colors that can all be blown up to a variety of large sizes– most appealing to me was the 30″ x 40″ size, which (with some small trimming) would fit nicely in a large Ribba frame from IKEA! I’m having trouble picking a favorite, although those pink poppies seem to be leading the pack. Which would you pick?

Click here to see all these photographs, available on Art.com.


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