Shop Spotlight: Carson Ellis

Carson EllisSince high school, I’ve been a big fan of the indie folk-rock band, The Decemberists.  Back when I used to buy CDs, I would spend time thumbing through the liner notes admiring both the lyrics and the accompanying artwork.  Through this, I became familiar with the work of Carson Ellis – an illustrator with a charming, quirky, and whimsical style.  She has illustrated album art, posters, merchandise, stage sets, and website artwork for The Decemberists and a handful of other artists.  She has also illustrated a number of children’s books – most recently, The Wildwood Chronicles (written by Colin Meloy, frontman of The Decemberists and Carson Ellis’ husband).  For the love of both Meloy and Ellis’ work, I picked up a copy of the first book and have fallen in love with the story and the art — I have to admit that it’s as enjoyable for this adult as I’m sure it is for the intended audience of children.

As part of my work-in-progress gallery wall, I’m planning to frame this Carson Ellis print.  You can view all her products here.

Wildwood, written by Colin Meloy and illustrated by Carson Ellis

Badger by Carson Ellis

Carson Ellis

Photograph of Wildwood book by Dressed In Orange.  All other images via


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