Shop Spotlight: Zoë Miyori Fujii

Shop Spotlight: Zoë Miyori FujiiThe Peter Pan Collar Boxy Top

After inquiring about a unique top our friend Daniella was wearing, we discovered it came from designer Zoë Miyori Fujii.  Just a quick scroll through her Etsy shop and it was instant love.  We got a chance to ask Zoë a few questions about her and her designs:


Dressed In Orange: What got you started in fashion?

Zoë: I have always been interested in the arts. When I was younger I thought I might want to be an artist or illustrator. But when I hit high school, I found my love of clothing and fashion. I loved expressing myself through clothing, and started learning to sew and sketch. I’ve been able to combine the two professions a little, and I’m so glad I have this outlet of expression!

DiO: Can you describe your creative process?

Zoë: I like to keep lists of all the little ideas I have over time, and once I’m ready to sit down and plan out a collection, I’ll revisit all of those lists. I’ll sketch out silhouettes, doodle print ideas, scan over inspiration pictures i’ve saved etc. I’ll translate these ideas to watercolors, pick my favorites, and work with them on the computer. I have my fabric custom printed, so there’s always sampling involved too. Oh, and then there’s drafting the patterns, of course!

Shop Spotlight: Zoë Miyori FujiiThe Exploding Poppies Boxy Top / The Poppy Picnic Print Shift Dress

DiO: Where do you find inspiration for your playful prints and silhouettes?

Zoë: I LOVE color and prints, and take notice of them in everyday life. Poppies are my favorite flowers, and they’re featured in three of my prints. The 101 Print was literally inspired by me seeing a photo of a dalmatian and being like, “wow, that’s beautiful.” Haha! I love how it turned out like a black and white polka dot print and an animal print in one! Many of my prints are also inspired by my Japanese heritage. Indigo quilts, ink paintings, and vintage kimono prints have inspired some of my prints.

Shop Spotlight: Zoë Miyori FujiiThe Tiny Houses Print Party Dress / The Poppy Peony Print Midi Skirt

DiO: Can you describe the woman who would wear your clothing?

Zoë: Honestly, I design for myself! I design clothing I would wear, my friends would wear, and women I aspire to be like would wear. My silhouettes are classic and clean, and great for a variety of women. My customers all have a little artistic flair!

DiO: What’s next for your brand?

Zoë: I’m just going to keep doing what I’m doing for now! My shop has been open less than a year, and I’m so grateful the business I’ve had so far : ) This shop has been a great creative outlet, and I’ve been able to share my designs with so many people I would have never met otherwise!


You can shop her designs here – only a couple more days to order in time for Christmas!  And our readers get 10% off with discount code “DRESSEDINORANGE”.


Thanks, Zoë!


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