Monday Wishlist, Resolution Edition

New Years Resolution: get active! | via Dressed in Orange

links: sweatshirt / headband / fitbit / legging / bottle / sneaker

With holiday break wrapping up and everyone heading back to their daily routines, it can be hard to start in on the New Years resolutions that seemed so manageable just a week ago. I know I personally hit the snooze button too many times on Saturday morning and missed my yoga class, so I’m hoping that a couple new pieces of active wear will help shake me out of winter hibernation! I’m looking forward to getting myself a new comfy sweatshirt for walks to the gym, and a colorful headband for keeping my hair fuss-free during Sun Salutations. I’m also planning on getting a new pair of leggings, since I absolutely love my Lululemon Wunder Under Crops which have served me well at the gym, in the Pilates studio, and at yoga class!

Even if I can’t make it to the gym everyday, I am also trying to drink more water and to walk at least 7000 steps a day (increased from 5000, which was my goal last year). I find that drinking from a water bottle helps me visualize if I am on track to stay hydrated, and having my Fitbit on me is a great motivator to keep active, especially when I realize a day at the flea market is 13,000 steps!!!

I’ll be sharing some other resolutions throughout the rest of the week, but I’d love to hear: what made your New Years Resolutions list for 2014? Have you started in already, or are you as slow to kickoff as I am? :) Good luck!

x Grace


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