Resolution: Have Fun with Cooking


This year I also resolve to keep expanding my cooking repertoire by trying one substantially new recipe every week. Whether it’s beef bourguignon for dinner or a towering croquembouche for a birthday party, I’m hoping to gain a bit more skill in the kitchen, have some fun, and to hopefully add a couple dishes to my cooking arsenal along the way (and not set off the smoke alarm in the process).

Below are a couple of my favorite dishes to make at home, perfect for winter (especially if you are freezing on the East Coast right now!) and chock full of vegetables to make you feel good, even on your second helping. Do you have any dishes you love to cook right now? I would love to try making it. Whether it’s a tried and true family recipe or a new to you favorite, please share in the comments!


Roast Chicken With Cumin, Honey and Orange by Mark Bittman. Considering I usually have all these ingredients in my kitchen, it’s surprising I don’t make this more often. I actually use 3 lbs of boneless breast instead of a whole chicken, and I also serve it on top of greens dressed with the reserved liquid which makes it a perfect meal.

Southwestern Spiced Sweet Potato Fries by TasteFood. These are some of the best sweet potato fries I have had, but beware: they can get pretty spicy if you aren’t careful with the cayenne. Instead of serving with their suggesting dipping sauce, I eat my fries with a bit of crème fraîche which helps temper the spices without adding in additional flavors.

White Bean Soup by Merril Stubbs. Simple to make and especially delicious with a grilled cheese sandwich, this soup can be easily reheated for several meals to come. If you have rosemary, thyme, and sage plants in your garden or kitchen you can substitute in 2 cans of white beans and make this in just half an hour– making it easy if you keep the ingredients on hand to cook a last minute dinner. (Just rinse the beans and add them to a pot with the stock, herbs, garlic, and a couple pinches of salt. Bring to a boil over low heat, cover, and simmer for 15 minutes, then add the tomatoes and simmer for 10 minutes and continue to step 3 of the recipe.)

Photo by Grace for Dressed in Orange.


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