Petals & Penmanship

Petals & Penmanship | Dressed In Orange

Petals & Penmanship title by Maybelle Imasa-Stukuls

Since I took a calligraphy workshop a few months back at Makeshift Society, I’ve been practicing, practicing, practicing.  I’ve definitely seen some improvement, but I have been dying to take another class with Maybelle.  She’s a great teacher who is incredibly sweet and personable (plus, I secretly want to be her best friend).  When she posted about another calligraphy workshop combined with floral design (are you kidding?!) on her Instagram, I signed up immediately!

Petals & Penmanship | Dressed In Orange

Maybelle shows us The Language of Flowers

The workshop was a joint effort from calligrapher Maybelle and floral stylist Kiana Underwood.  Their inspiration came from a unique find at the Alameda Antiques Faire –  a vintage copy of The Language of Flowers. Perfect, right?  They held the workshop in photographer Angie Cao‘s beautiful studio in the Sunset neighborhood.  Despite the rain and dark clouds outside, the studio was full of beautiful light and life.  As soon as I walked in, I was enamored with the styling of the abundance of flowers and calligraphy supplies.

Petals & Penmanship | Dressed In OrangeMaybelle’s journal of all her workshops and attendees. 

Petals & Penmanship | Dressed In Orange

In the last workshop we practiced the alphabet, but in this class we jumped into flower names – some of which were flowers we would be using during the floral design portion.  Seeing and writing such pretty floral names in calligraphy was inspiring and relaxing.

Petals & Penmanship | Dressed In Orange

This was the first workshop of its kind, but Maybelle and Kiana are planning to host another session in the fall. Sign me up!

Check back tomorrow for a recap of the floral styling portion of the workshop!

Photos by Robin for Dressed In Orange



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