More Petals & Penmanship

Petals & Penmanship | Dressed In Orange

Petals & Penmanship title by Maybelle Imasa-Stukuls

After a bout of calligraphy in the first half of the Petals & Penmanship workshop, we moved on to a lesson in floral design.  This second half of the workshop was led by Kiana Underwood, owner of Tulipina, a San Francisco-based floral design studio.  I wasn’t familiar with Kiana’s work before , but I started following her on Instagram shortly after signing up for the workshop and I was immediately smitten with her aesthetic. Her designs are refreshingly nontraditional and they have a breezy and organic quality to them that is so appealing.

Petals & Penmanship | Dressed In OrangeJasmine, Geranium, Juliet Garden Rose, Poppy, Hellebore, Ranunculus, Kumquat, Anemone

Each person was provided a bucket of flowers (above), a vase, and a pair of garden shears.  Even the bucket of untrimmed, un-arranged flowers looked gorgeous, don’t you think?

Petals & Penmanship | Dressed In Orange

Kiana demonstrated how to design a beautiful centerpiece in her signature style – asymmetrical and unfussy. One of her pointers was to use the existing curves and shapes in your materials to create a natural flow. With a quick trim and the right placement, a droopy looking hellebore can actually help shape the bouquet. 

She encouraged us to make use of flowers, branches, and vines that are accessible in our own gardens.  A beautiful bouquet doesn’t have to cost a lot – just keep your eyes and mind open.

Petals & Penmanship | Dressed In Orange

One of Kiana’s favorites is the Juliet garden rose, which she grows in her personal garden.

Petals & Penmanship | Dressed In Orange

Even the scraps looked beautiful

Petals & Penmanship | Dressed In OrangeAnd here’s my final centerpiece!  I proudly displayed it on my dining room table.  It somehow made eating dinner at the table seem so much more special.

Thanks again to Maybelle, Kiana, and Angie for putting together a lovely workshop.  It was inspiring to be around your creative energy and I’m looking forward to the next one!

Photos by Robin for Dressed In Orange



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