DIY Personalized Leather Keychain

DIY Personalized Leather Keychain

While cleaning out and organizing my craft supplies (I have a lot, so after a few projects, everything tends to get jumbled) I found some leftover leather strips. I wasn’t about to throw out leather, so I decided on a quick DIY project. If you have the supplies on hand, this can be done in about 10 minutes.

You’ll need:

  • Leather
  • Leather hole punch
  • Sharp scissors
  • Split ring
  • Eyelet and corresponding eyelet tool
  • Hammer
  • Letter stamps

DIY Personalized Leather Keychain

DIY Personalized Leather KeychainFirst, take the leather and cut it to twice the desired length of the keychain. Be sure to consider the length of the name or word you’ll be imprinting. On one half of the leather strip and on a hard surface, begin hammering the letter stamps. If the imprint doesn’t take, very lightly dampen the leather, realign the letter, and try again.

DIY Personalized Leather KeychainI wanted my name to show very subtly on the leather, so I didn’t make the imprints too deep. If you use a smoother, thicker leather the imprints will be more visible.

DIY Personalized Leather KeychainNext, fold the leather strap with the right side facing out. Close to the edge of the overlapping ends, take your leather hole punch and cut through both layers. Make sure the size hole you choose will fit the eyelet.

DIY Personalized Leather KeychainInsert the eyelet into the newly created holes – it should go through both layers and poke out through the back.

DIY Personalized Leather KeychainTurning over the keychain, place the eyelet on the eyelet tool. Gently hammer the eyelet tool to secure the eyelet.

DIY Personalized Leather Keychain

DIY Personalized Leather KeychainAdd a split ring to the secured eyelet and your’e ready to attach it to your keys!

DIY Personalized Leather Keychain


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