Shop Spotlight: BloomThat

SF flower delivery from Bloom That | Dressed In OrangeIt’s a work holiday today, so I’m spending the day in my apartment catching up on emails, cooking, and tidying the place.  To brighten up the space, I decided to treat myself to a bouquet of flowers. (Yes, I sent myself flowers.) I ordered a beautiful bouquet of tulips from BloomThat, a flower delivery service in San Francisco.  I heard of BloomThat kind of accidentally – I overheard someone on BART talking about the service and he seemed so enthusiastic I had to check it out for myself.  The order process was incredibly easy – just choose from a seasonal selection of arrangements and tell them when/where you’d like them delivered.

SF flower delivery from Bloom That | Dressed In OrangeTheir flowers are delivered by bike messenger and are packaged in recycled burlap donated by Weaver’s Coffee, an organic, fair trade coffee roaster.  I received the blooms in under 90 minutes and they were incredibly fresh. This will be perfect the next time I need a last minute gift (or when I feel like treating myself again…).

SF flower delivery from Bloom That | Dressed In Orange

SF flower delivery from Bloom That | Dressed In Orange


2013 Gift Guide: Home

2013 Gift Guide: HomeGifts for the home are sure to be appreciated year-round because they’re out on display and aren’t necessarily seasonal.  I would love to receive a comfy Pendleton throw for all my nights in watching TV on the couch (which happens more often than I’d care to admit).

Any of these would make for great hostess gifts, too!

  1. Jo Malone Pine and Eucalyptus Candle [$65]
  2. The Selby is in Your Place [$26]
  3. Anthropologie Golden Monogram Mug [$10]
  4. Heath Bud Vase [$42]
  5. Pendleton Throw [$98]
  6. Snuffer Set [$23]
  7. Sonos Play:3 [$299]
  8. Gold Leaf Agate Bookends [$58]
  9. Rebecca Atwood Pillow [$200]
  10. Jonathan Adler Tangiers Coasters [$48]

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Shop Spotlight: Debbie Carlos

living room designed by Jamie Meares, via Dressed in Orange


After seeing this living room, it should come as no surprise that I have fallen for Debbie Carlos‘ fantastic and graphic photography. These large-scale plotter printed pieces, which she sells out of her Etsy and self-titled shop, have a textured, vintage quality to them, and even the largest sizes (36″ x 48″!!!) still remain affordable at $50.


I know Robin will love seeing her favorite animal represented on the Giraffe Poster, and I can totally see the Mountain Fog, Flowers, or Ice Cream Posters in my own home. I think they are the perfect piece to make a statement on a large vacant wall, while being neutral enough to move from room to room– ideal for injecting some fun or drama into your space!




Living Room Photo: from HGTV Magazine, designed by Jamie Meares, photo by Kim Cornelison.
Teal Bedroom Photo: from D Magazine, designed by Janet Gridley, photo by Chris Plavidal

Shop Spotlight: Carson Ellis

Carson EllisSince high school, I’ve been a big fan of the indie folk-rock band, The Decemberists.  Back when I used to buy CDs, I would spend time thumbing through the liner notes admiring both the lyrics and the accompanying artwork.  Through this, I became familiar with the work of Carson Ellis – an illustrator with a charming, quirky, and whimsical style.  She has illustrated album art, posters, merchandise, stage sets, and website artwork for The Decemberists and a handful of other artists.  She has also illustrated a number of children’s books – most recently, The Wildwood Chronicles (written by Colin Meloy, frontman of The Decemberists and Carson Ellis’ husband).  For the love of both Meloy and Ellis’ work, I picked up a copy of the first book and have fallen in love with the story and the art — I have to admit that it’s as enjoyable for this adult as I’m sure it is for the intended audience of children.

As part of my work-in-progress gallery wall, I’m planning to frame this Carson Ellis print.  You can view all her products here.

Wildwood, written by Colin Meloy and illustrated by Carson Ellis

Badger by Carson Ellis

Carson Ellis

Photograph of Wildwood book by Dressed In Orange.  All other images via

Fall Layers For Your Home

While we probably have a while until we reach legitimate cold weather here in San Francisco, because of the rain last Saturday I am already on a Fall nesting kick. Instead of trying to force Autumn’s typical reds and oranges on my more monochromatic apartment, I’m focusing on layering in dimensional textures, warm lighting, and cozy textiles in cool and calm tones that complement my existing apartment’s style. Here’s a round up of of a couple items I’m hoping to add to my home this season, along with a few tried and true items I already love having in my apartment.

Layering in Fall Home Accessories, via Dressed in Orange

sources: sconcecandletopiarytraymirrorsequin pillownavy pillowherringbone throw, tufted benchlamp

Texture. Materials like Lucite, glass, wicker, and plants add interest and depth to a room without weighing it down.  Lucite can be pretty costly depending on its thickness, but as an inexpensive starting piece I definitely recommend this Lucite tray I got a couple months ago. Although I originally got it to better collect my books and candles since they seem to be taking over every surface of my apartment, I have come to find it’s also a great place to set down a cup of coffee without worrying about coasters or damaging our coffee table table (read: my boyfriend now fully appreciates its function). Mirrors also add a great amount of function to a home. Especially when placed across from a window, mirrors help reflect light into every corner of your room, and also open up a space by making it seem larger. I think mirrors are a great thing to spend a little extra money on, since they have such a positive effect on a room and don’t have to withstand daily wear and tear of being touched like other items. Buy a mirror you love and it will last a lifetime (as long as you don’t drop it!) Adding a plant is another great way to add some dimension to a home: I love having my fiddle leaf fig tree in a basket, but I also like the non-maintenance of my boxwood topiary (similar here).

Lighting. Having multiple sources of lighting is crucial to having a comfortable and inviting home, especially in the winter when the nights are longer and the days are less bright. According to Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan of Apartment Therapy, a room should have “three unique points of light that vary from bright, concentrated light to soft ambient light”. I would love to get a pair of these brass sconces some day, but since the walls in my apartment are cement in certain places I don’t think it’s exactly practical right now! In the meantime, I think I might treat myself to one of these Robert Abbey lamps, although I’m finding it hard to choose just one color to get! Additionally,  I recommend installing a dimmer switch on the main overhead lights in your living room. I did this last year and was definitely intimidated at first, (because electricity ain’t no laughing matter) but as long as you turn off your breaker box and have a pair of needle-nose pliers and a screwdriver it’s easy. For $13 and five minutes of time you will get completely adjustable ambiance that you can easily uninstall later when you move apartments or houses. It’s definitely one of my favorite adjustments I’ve made in my apartment, and I wish I had done it sooner!

Textiles. Pillows and throws are one area where you can easily choose to splurge or save. On the one hand pillows are a great way to incorporate your favorite (and sometimes expensive) fabrics, since the small yardage makes them cost effective and easily interchangeable. However, if you prefer to spend your money elsewhere you can always find a classic linen or velvet pillow pretty inexpensively in stores, or you can make your own in an afternoon with a couple yards of fabric, a sewing machine, and with an old pillow cover as a pattern. Blankets likewise can easily be excessively expensive, but I find that since they get washed and thrown around so often its not always the best place to spend tons of money. I currently have this herringbone throw, (similar to this blanket, but at 1/10th the price!) which gets the job of napping and movie watching done nicely. I would also love to add in some additional seating in our apartment, and I think this bench would be a perfect choice. I love the grey tufted top paired with the clean metal legs, and I bet it could easily be recovered down the line if need be.

What are you adding to your home in preparation for fall? I’m also on the hunt for a great fall-scented candle, so any recommendations are appreciated! : )

Shop Spotlight: Blu Dot

Blu Dot, San Francisco | Dressed In Orange

Blu Dot opened a couple weeks ago and I finally got the chance to see their new store on Valencia in the Mission District over the weekend.  For the uninitiated, Blu Dot is a Minnesota-based modern furniture maker with beautifully clean and simple designs.  I previously only experienced the brand through magazines and some online window shopping, so getting to see and touch these designs in person was definitely a treat.

Blu Dot, San Francisco | Dressed In Orange

The space is pretty large and airy, but it still manages to feel comfortable and cozy.  Walking around the store, I made a lengthy mental wishlist of pieces I’d like to add to my apartment immediately.

A few more snaps of the store:

Blu Dot, San Francisco | Dressed In Orange

Blu Dot, San Francisco | Dressed In Orange

Blu Dot, San Francisco | Dressed In Orange

Blu Dot, San Francisco | Dressed In Orange

Blu Dot, San Francisco | Dressed In Orange

If you get a chance, hop over to 560 Valencia St. for a visit.  It’s definitely worth checking out!


Gallery Wall Inspiration

Lonny-Gallery-Wallvia Lonny

Gallery wall with TVvia One Kings Lane

It’s probably a terrible habit, but I love falling asleep with the TV on.  I settle into bed, turn on the sleep timer, and put on something mindless.  I definitely enjoy having a TV in the bedroom, but it’s a bit of an eyesore.  In my small bedroom, it takes up valuable wall space.  After spotting the arrangements above, I’ve been itching to recreate the look.  Incorporating a TV into a gallery wall helps draw attention away from the big black rectangle.  I recently made some purchases from Society6 that will fit in splendidly.

Some additional inspiration for my gallery wall to come:

Gallery wall inspirationimages via 12 / 3 / 4 / 5

Stephen Shubel and the Search for Leopard Pillows

Paris apartment designed by Stephen Shubel, via Dressed in Orange
I have been searching the past couple months for the perfect leopard print pillow to add to my sofa– not too orange, not too washed out, with a variation of small and large black spots, and definitely not furry. I couldn’t remember where I had seen a pillow like this, but thankfully I saw it again last night as I was putting away some books: on the cover of Be Your Own DecoratorFlipping to the back of the book, I saw the space was designed by Stephen Shubel, and after just a couple minutes of looking through his portfolio I was struck with how much I loved all the spaces he designs.
Below are some of my favorite images of his work– a perfect mix of whites, antiques, stripes, and carefully chosen color. I especially love the images from the SOMA loft; not only because it’s the area of town where I live, but also because I know how characterless these newer apartments can be, and his space layers the right mix of antiques to complement the modern architecture. The space feels warm, lived in, collected, classic, and clean, which is exactly what I hope to archive in my own home one day.
And that, my friends, is why it has taken me so long to finish my apartment– I go looking for a pillow, and end up with a new favorite interior designer!
designed by Stephen Shubel, via Dressed in Orange

designed by Stephen Shubel, via Dressed in Orange

designed by Stephen Shubel, via Dressed in Orange
designed by Stephen Shubel, via Dressed in Orange
designed by Stephen Shubel, via Dressed in Orange
designed by Stephen Shubel, via Dressed in Orange
designed by Stephen Shubel, via Dressed in Orange
designed by Stephen Shubel, via Dressed in Orange
All photos via Stephen Shubel’s website.

Oversized Flower Photography

affordable oversized Flower Photography, inspired by Paul Lange | via Dressed in Orange

Aerin Lauder office photos by Pieter Estersohn, for Architectural Digest.

After seeing these photos of Aerin Lauder’s Manhattan office on Pinterest for months now, I have been dying to figure out where I can get my hands on  a show-stopping flower photograph of my very own. The original pieces by Paul Lange (from his Big Blooms series) are seriously incredible and definitely worth pinching pennies for, but if you can’t wait to get your own piece of floral artwork, I suggest you take a look at the offerings on After browsing around for a bit, I found a variety of flowers and colors that can all be blown up to a variety of large sizes– most appealing to me was the 30″ x 40″ size, which (with some small trimming) would fit nicely in a large Ribba frame from IKEA! I’m having trouble picking a favorite, although those pink poppies seem to be leading the pack. Which would you pick?

Click here to see all these photographs, available on