Classic Q Natasha

Loving the Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Natasha

Classic Q Natasha by Marc by Marc Jacobs via Dressed In Orange

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Let’s set the record straight:  I would not have had the guts to pick this cobalt bag out for myself. As a person who gravitates toward wearing natural colors (white, black, navy, olive, and gray are heavy hitters in my wardrobe), I have always bought my purses with versatility and neutrality in mind. However, who would resist the chance to experiment with a splash of color when your Mother hands you this beautiful bag! After touring through Spain last summer and using it to easily tote about guidebooks and passports, my Mom passed this bag on to me in a move to coax more color into my wardrobe.

After wearing it safely with black pea coat-topped outfits to work, and with white denim on the weekend, I decided to branch out with my color combinations and this bag has mixed in fantastically. Livening up my camel-colored military trench, and nicely accenting my olive green field jacket, this purse has gone with almost everything in my winter wardrobe. I love being able to throw this bag over my shoulder when wearing bulky jackets, since most shoulder purses tend to slip right off with big jackets. There are times when I wish the bag had a top handle (à la the Classic Q Little Ukita) for when I’m trying to wrangle my stuff out of my car or walking through really crowded city streets, but otherwise this bag is perfect.

My favorite part about the bag is being able to section off my important items like my wallet, phone, lip balm, and car keys into the zip around flap on the purse, while squirreling away necessary back-up items like my reusable Baggu bags, travel umbrella, and scarf into the main compartment. It is nice to know I am prepared for any contingencies, while still being able to easily grab my keys when my hands are full of groceries. I can’t wait to wear this bag in the upcoming warmer months, and can see this bag easily toting the requisite water bottle, sunscreen, and oversize sunglasses to combat the hot weather ahead.

Have you had any luck with passed-down items from family members? Do tell!