DIY Personalized Leather Keychain

DIY Personalized Leather Keychain

While cleaning out and organizing my craft supplies (I have a lot, so after a few projects, everything tends to get jumbled) I found some leftover leather strips. I wasn’t about to throw out leather, so I decided on a quick DIY project. If you have the supplies on hand, this can be done in about 10 minutes.

You’ll need:

  • Leather
  • Leather hole punch
  • Sharp scissors
  • Split ring
  • Eyelet and corresponding eyelet tool
  • Hammer
  • Letter stamps

DIY Personalized Leather Keychain

DIY Personalized Leather KeychainFirst, take the leather and cut it to twice the desired length of the keychain. Be sure to consider the length of the name or word you’ll be imprinting. On one half of the leather strip and on a hard surface, begin hammering the letter stamps. If the imprint doesn’t take, very lightly dampen the leather, realign the letter, and try again.

DIY Personalized Leather KeychainI wanted my name to show very subtly on the leather, so I didn’t make the imprints too deep. If you use a smoother, thicker leather the imprints will be more visible.

DIY Personalized Leather KeychainNext, fold the leather strap with the right side facing out. Close to the edge of the overlapping ends, take your leather hole punch and cut through both layers. Make sure the size hole you choose will fit the eyelet.

DIY Personalized Leather KeychainInsert the eyelet into the newly created holes – it should go through both layers and poke out through the back.

DIY Personalized Leather KeychainTurning over the keychain, place the eyelet on the eyelet tool. Gently hammer the eyelet tool to secure the eyelet.

DIY Personalized Leather Keychain

DIY Personalized Leather KeychainAdd a split ring to the secured eyelet and your’e ready to attach it to your keys!

DIY Personalized Leather Keychain


DIY Flower Crown

DIY Flower Crown | Dressed In Orange

Looking through my Inspiration board on Pinterest, I realized I had a lot of flower crown images pinned. Something about them is so fun and ethereal. With my whole neighborhood blooming with spring flowers, I was inspired to finally make my own. Instead of using fresh flowers that would only last a day at best, I used high quality silk flowers. I picked mine up from Shinoda Design Center in Orange County.

DIY Flower Crown | Dressed In Orange

I wanted a blushy and muted color palette so I picked up light pinks, soft yellows, creams, and whites in the forms of roses, ranunculus, carnations, and peonies.

DIY Flower Crown | Dressed In Orange

A few other things you’ll need: floral wire, floral tape, needle-nose pliers, and stem wire.

DIY Flower Crown | Dressed In Orange

Start with your stem wire. Take 1 piece, and wrap it around the front of your head where you want the crown to rest. Take the 2nd wire and repeat for the back of your head. Bring the two pieces together and wrap the wires together in the overlapping sections. You should have an oval about the size of your head. Test the size and adjust as needed.

DIY Flower Crown | Dressed In Orange

Take a 3-inch piece of floral tape and wrap it tightly around the exposed wire ends.

DIY Flower Crown | Dressed In Orange

Snip each flower with a few inches of its steam remaining. Lay out how you want your flowers to be arranged. Beginning with your largest flower, lay it against the stem wire. Using two pieces of floral wire, wrap and secure the flower to the stem wire at the base of the flower and at the end of the cut stem. Continue adding flowers using this method.

DIY Flower Crown | Dressed In Orange

When you are finished adding flowers, make sure any exposed floral wire and loose stems are covered with floral tape. This secures the flowers and will protect your head and hair from scratches and snags.

DIY Flower Crown | Dressed In Orange

And here’s the completed flower crown!

DIY Flower Crown | Dressed In Orange

And thanks to Design*Sponge for featuring our project on their Instagram yesterday!

Stamped Wrapping Paper

Stamped Wrapping Paper DIY | Dressed In OrangeOnly 2 days left until Christmas! If you’re still looking for a quick, unique way to wrap those last minute gifts, why not try stamping your wrapping paper?  All you need is a stamp, ink, masking/washi tape, and butcher or plain wrapping paper.

Take your paper and roll it out or cut to size. Take pieces of tape to secure the corners to your working surface.

Stamped Wrapping Paper DIY | Dressed In Orange

The simplest version is to use a small stamp that can be repeated in a polka dot-like pattern. I used a small snowflake stamp with white ink and stamped all over – I didn’t try to perfectly space out the stamps because I liked a more handcrafted look.

For something requiring a little more patience, you can use a larger stamp to cover the entire paper surface. Stamped Wrapping Paper DIY | Dressed In OrangeI used a wood grain stamp.  Because the stamp is likely larger than your ink pad, make sure to evenly cover the entire stamp surface with enough ink.

Stamped Wrapping Paper DIY | Dressed In OrangePosition your first stamping at the corner of your paper and press firmly and evenly to ensure the full stamp image comes through. Re-apply ink and position your stamp next to the first stamped area, aligning the edges and corners.

Stamped Wrapping Paper DIY | Dressed In OrangeOnce you stamp the whole surface, let the ink dry for at least an hour.  If the ink is dry and non-smudging to the touch, you’re ready to wrap!

Stamped Wrapping Paper DIY | Dressed In OrangeI wanted to go for a rustic look on all my wrapping this year, so I used yarn or twine instead of ribbon and added clippings from my Christmas tree and garland. Simple and pretty!






Holiday Crafternoon

Holiday Crafternoon

Last weekend, Grace and I hosted a holiday Crafternoon to get us in the holiday spirit.  We served milk and cookies from Anthony’s, a local bakeshop around the corner from my apartment with the most delicious cookie flavors.  While listening to Christmas music and devouring cookies, we made cards, decorated ornaments, strung garlands, and painted festive tea towels.

Holiday Crafternoon

To make the tea towels, mix a 1:1 ratio of acrylic paint and textile medium.  On cleaned and ironed flour sack tea towels, carefully brush or stamp with your desired paint colors.  I made my own stamp by cutting foam sheets into simple shapes.  Once you let your towel dry for 24 hours, iron the towel with another piece of fabric between the paint and the iron.  After that, your towel is ready to use, is machine washable, and brings a little festive touch to your kitchen. Easy peasy!

Holiday Crafternoon

Holiday Crafternoon

Holiday Crafternoon

DIY Woven Chain Necklace

DIY Woven Chain Necklace | Dressed In Orange

A coworker of mine receives the monthly PopSugar Must Have box, and in July’s package came a rose gold double chain necklace from BaubleBar.  It was quickly decided that the necklace didn’t quite suit anyone’s style in the office, so I decided to take the orphaned necklace home for a DIY spruce-up.

DIY Woven Chain Necklace | Dressed In OrangeAll you need is embroidery thread and a yarn needle with a large eye (you can also use bobby pins to grip each group of threads). Have two sets of embroidery thread, each made of 10-15 strands which measure 4x the length of your chain.  The number of strands you use depends on how chunky you want your weave to be.  I used 10 strands in varying, but related colors per set.

Knot the 2 sets of threads together.  Weave the (in the example) blue-white set under and through the first chain link.  Bring that same thread set back over the chain.  Take the blue-green set and lay it on top of the first set.  Pull the blue-green set through the same link.  Repeat the process by moving into the other links.  Finish by knotting the threads at the end of the chain.  Because this is a double chain necklace, I repeated the process with slight color variations on the additional chain.

It takes a bit of practice to get the hang of the technique, but once you hit a rhythm, it’s pretty easy.

DIY Woven Chain Necklace | Dressed In Orange

DIY Woven Chain Necklace | Dressed In Orange

DIY Tea Tin Planter

DIY Tea Tin Planter | Dressed In OrangeI’ve been seeing tea tin planters popping up all over Pinterest, and since I had all the supplies on hand, I decided to create my very own.  I cleaned out a Harney & Sons tin that was sitting in my pantry and drilled holes through the bottom to let water escape.

DIY Tea Tin Planter | Dressed In OrangeI gently packed the container with potting soil and planted a few stems.  I pruned these stems from an existing succulent that thrives on my kitchen windowsill.  If you’re going to propagate from an existing plant, make sure the branches you choose have at least 2 inches of stem to plant.

Once planted, I added a bit of moss and watered.  This darling little creation is now sitting pretty in my bedroom window.

DIY Tea Tin Planter | Dressed In Orange


Blooming Sunnies

DIY Blooming SunniesWhen I saw this DIY on HonestlyWTF, I knew I had to make a pair.  I bought some ceramic flowers on Etsy and a cheap pair of plastic sunglasses from Forever21.  I made sure to pick frames with enough of a flat surface to hold a few flowers.  The project cost less than $10 dollars and only took a few quick minutes to make.  These will be perfect for a lazy summer afternoon in Dolores Park.

DIY Blooming SunniesMy roommate graciously modeled for me. 

DIY Blooming Sunnies | Dressed In Orange

Pom Pom Zipper Pull

Make your own Pom Pom zipper pull or bag charm, via Dressed in Orange

After seeing several different renditions of Pom Pom zipper pulls and bag charms, I decided it would be fun to make my own. There are a lot of really bright and colorful versions of these available on Etsy, but the beauty in making your own is that you can customize the colors to suit your favorite bags. I chose stone, wood, and paper beads in white, black, and turquoise to complement the new purse I got at the Rebecca Minkoff Sample Sale two weeks ago. Keep reading for the full instructions >>

Icing For Your Outfit

Honest WTF x BaubleBar Jewels, via Dressed in OrangeLeft to Right: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6  / 7

I was so excited to find out today that several of the highly coveted Honestly WTF x BaubleBar pieces have been restocked online. The collaboration is one of the better blog and shop curation lines I have seen, and the items are perfect on their own or layered with other pieces in the collection. I can also envision an easy DIY project with several of the necklaces, by weaving and knotting embroidery thread through the chain to add some extra color and fun (similar to this bracelet). Considering how affordable the jewels are, I’m having a hard time picking out just one piece to buy– right now I’m leaning towards the Triple Ice Chain Strand, but I might end up adding the Green Leaf Antoinette Drops to my cart as well!