Smoked Salmon Toast

Smoked salmon toast

During my recent vacation in Portland, I made multiple trips to Roman Candle Baking Co. Everything I ate there was delicious, but their salmon toast was particularly memorable. So memorable that I had to create my own version of it at home. It’s a no-cook, no-fuss recipe that will have you eating in just a few minutes.

Start with a slice of rustic, grainy bread. I used walnut levain. Spread with unsalted butter and sprinkle on some capers. Add sliced avocado and smoked salmon.

Smoked salmon toastIn a bowl, toss arugula with a drizzle of olive oil and sea salt. Take a handful of the dressed arugula and place on top of the salmon. Finish with some freshly cracked black pepper over the plate and you’re done!

Smoked salmon toast

Smoked salmon toast


Long Weekend in Portland

Eats and Drinks in PortlandVoodoo Doughnut / Salt & Straw / Stumptown Coffee / Screen Door

The best part of travelling is most definitely the food and it’s always the first thing I research when planning a trip.  With Portland known for their coffee, beer, and artisinal anything, I made sure to try as much as possible during my few days there.

Stumptown Cold Brew

Voodoo DoughnutAll the food and drinks were top notch (okay, maybe the doughnuts from Voodoo were overhyped), so I had to balance the overindulgence with some physical activity. Luckily Portland has its fair share of beautiful nature that distracted me from my ambitious food itinerary.

Mt. Hood, Portland

dewy spider web

A small detour on the way back down Mt. Hood led us to some surprise roadside farms selling fresh produce and pick-it-yourself lavender. Can you even stand it?

farmer's market blackberries

Lavender farm, Corbett, ORI’m already itching to get back.