Long Weekend in Portland

Eats and Drinks in PortlandVoodoo Doughnut / Salt & Straw / Stumptown Coffee / Screen Door

The best part of travelling is most definitely the food and it’s always the first thing I research when planning a trip.  With Portland known for their coffee, beer, and artisinal anything, I made sure to try as much as possible during my few days there.

Stumptown Cold Brew

Voodoo DoughnutAll the food and drinks were top notch (okay, maybe the doughnuts from Voodoo were overhyped), so I had to balance the overindulgence with some physical activity. Luckily Portland has its fair share of beautiful nature that distracted me from my ambitious food itinerary.

Mt. Hood, Portland

dewy spider web

A small detour on the way back down Mt. Hood led us to some surprise roadside farms selling fresh produce and pick-it-yourself lavender. Can you even stand it?

farmer's market blackberries

Lavender farm, Corbett, ORI’m already itching to get back.


Weekend Inspiration

Go on a roadtrip

Tomorrow I’m headed to my parents’ house in Orange County for the holidays.  My roommate and I are roadtripping down California with some fun pit stops planned along the way.  After an incredibly long and stressful week (actually, month) at work, I couldn’t be more excited to spend the next 2 weeks relaxing and seeing my family and friends.

Happy Weekend!

image via Kate Spade

Half Moon Bay

Weekend Getaway: Half Moon Bay

Yesterday, Grace, her boyfriend, my roommate, and I trekked down to Half Moon Bay.  It was a short day trip that was a welcome escape from the city.  The weather was overcast and chilly, but it somehow added to the seaside charm.  We had lunch at Sam’s Chowder House, which sits at the edge of Half Moon Bay Harbor.  The place is a little kitschy, but you can’t beat the fresh fare and great view of the Pacific.

Sam's Chowder House; Half Moon Bay, CACalamari, Blue Crab Sandwich, Lobster Roll

After a brief look at a roadside fruit stand, we headed over to the tide pools to look at crabs, anemones, and seals.  It was a perfect little impromptu trip for a long holiday weekend.

A roadside farm; Half Moon Bay, CA

A small roadside farm.

Fitzgerald Marine Reserve tide pools; Half Moon Bay, CAFitzgerald Marine Reserve tide pools

Weekend Inspiration 6.28.13

Weekend Inspiration

The second half of my week was spent desperately fighting off the first signs of a cold.  I took medicine and vitamins, drank tea with honey, kept my body warm, made sure to get plenty of sleep, and drank lots of fluids. Despite my best efforts, I wound up sick anyway.  It’s never a convenient time to be sick, and last night I found myself in some deep self-pity.  I missed a concert I had been looking forward to for months and my fun weekend plans were cancelled.  I was missing out all because of a summertime cold, and I felt upset, even angry.  But after 12 restful hours of sleep, I woke up this morning feeling mentally refreshed.  Though I’m still physically sick, I realized just how silly I was to feel so sorry for myself.  So this weekend, I’m going to embrace this time to rest and recharge by catching up on some reading, watching TV, drinking tea, online shopping, and of course, blogging – all from the comfort of my own bed.

Happy weekend!

images via: bed / tea

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend recap

I took an extra 2 days off work, so this past holiday weekend was a glorious five day weekend!  I hosted my good friend from college and we spent our days eating, touristing, shopping, eating, walking, lounging, and eating.  I think the best way to get to know a new place is to eat the incredible food that city has to offer – just stay away from the touristy spots!  My rule of thumb – the better the view, the worse the food. Here’s a recap of some of our bites and sights from the weekend. Above, our savory breakfast pastries and lovely lattes at Craftsman & Wolves.

Wayfare Tavern fried chicken, via Dressed In OrangeThe delectable fried chicken at Tyler Florence’s Wayfare Tavern.

Dinner Party, via Dressed In OrangeAn impromptu dinner party featuring a Texas-shaped cutting board to make my guest feel at home.

Dolores Park, via Dressed In OrangeA lazy afternoon lounging in Dolores Park.

Smitten Ice Cream, via Dressed In Orange

Refueling during shopping in Hayes Valley with some Smitten Ice Cream.  They prep each scoop individually with liquid nitrogen!

Painted Ladies, via Dressed In OrangePainted Ladies, the most iconic row of Victorian houses in San Francisco. They were featured in the opening credits of Full House!

Chocolate Mousse at Delfina, via Dressed In OrangeA very rich chocolate mousse at Delfina.

This doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface on the places we went and the amount of food we ate, but these were definitely the highlights!  What are your favorite spots to take visitors in your city?

Weekend Inspiration 5.17.13

Weekend Inspiration, via Dressed In Orange

All this week I’ve been particularly exhausted, so I’m excited to relax and take it easy this weekend.  Early Saturday morning is reserved for sitting solo on the patio of my corner coffee shop sipping coffee, reading, and soaking in the sunshine.  I used to have some insecurity about sitting alone at a restaurant or coffee shop, but I’ve learned to enjoy and appreciate these little moments alone.  After my morning coffee, I’ll be re-exploring my neighborhood with my new camera.  It’ll take some time getting used to it, and trekking around the Mission and Noe Valley to capture my favorite spots will be great practice!

I’m also looking forward to visiting Hortica, a small nursery and garden supply store in the Castro.  I’ve been on the hunt for a fiddle leaf fig tree to bring some life into an empty corner of my apartment.  The leaves are large, hearty, and a deep green – a perfect complement to a bare window.

A few weeks ago, I picked up some “just because” cards from Serendipity on Valencia St. in the Mission.  Serendipity has a large selection of cards for a variety of occasions (or non-occasions!), including some local and handmade cards.  They carry the full range of the impossible-to-resist cards and stationary by Rifle Paper Co.  I chose these “little note” cards to send random greetings to friends.  Letter writing has become such a lost art – there’s something to be said about sitting down and taking the time to write a well thought out message to a friend that brings much more excitement than a quick text or Facebook message.

Happy Weekend!


images via reading / camera / fiddle leaf fig tree / note

Southern California Sunshine


This weekend, Grace and I are headed down to Orange County for our dear friend Kelsey’s wedding.  Say what you will about the OC, but it’s a special place for me – it’s where I’m from, it’s where I went to college, and it’s where Grace and I started this blog.  Don’t get me wrong, I love living in San Francisco and I now consider it my home – but sometimes I miss the southern California beaches and sunshine.  There’s nothing quite like it.

I can’t wait to visit and hopefully I can sneak in a quick trip to the beach.  These images have me lusting for warm sun and sand, especially during this cold and gloomy day in SF.

Lounge on the beach

images via 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

Weekend Inspiration 4.27.13

This week has felt especially slow, so the weekend couldn’t arrive soon enough!  I’m ready to fill my days with a mix of adventure and relaxation.  A few things inspiring me this weekend:
Weekend Inspiration, via Dressed in Orange

I’ve been eager to completely update my apartment for Spring, but with a small budget and roommates’ tastes to consider, I’m opting for a simpler, yet impactful change.  Adding new patterns and colors to existing pillows is the easiest way to bring your home into the latest season.  I plan to visit Britex to pick out fabrics in whites and blues to be sewn into covers.  Interchangeable covers can be washed and stored as the seasons change to keep your living space fresh.

It’s two of my roommates’ birthdays this weekend, and to celebrate we’re going ziplining through the Redwoods.  This actually seems a little terrifying, but the idea of experiencing a beautiful forest from above outweighs my fears.

I hardly ever need a real reason to bake, but 2 birthdays in one weekend is the best excuse to try some new decorating techniques.  (Style Me Pretty Living posted steps on creating rosettes using a star tip on your piping bag.)  And instead of having hot coffee with cake, I’ll be reaching for a glass of iced coffee to cool down this weekend.

What’s inspiring you this weekend?


Images via: Home / Redwoods / Iced Coffee / Cake

Weekend Inspiration 4.19.13

I’m so happy that the weekend and warm weather are finally in sync! It’s no fun spending the week indoors while it’s sunny outside, only to reach the weekend and get buried in fog. Here are a couple things that are inspiring me this weekend:

Weekend Inspiration, via Dressed in Orange

Doing: Robin, Emily and I are going on a little picnic tomorrow in the park. It is forested to be in the 60’s, which should make for a great day of people watching, snacking, chatting, and maybe playing around with a DSLR. I wish I had this gardening bag from Apolis to tote our picnicking supplies around handily– it would also be great for buying groceries at the farmers market!

Eating: After our picnic we are swinging by Bi-Rite Creamery to pick up a couple scoops of their incredible ice cream. I just looked at their menu for today, and they are featuring milk chocolate with peanut butter swirl, orange blossom with candied orange zest and pistachios, roasted banana, and hazelnut with Dandelion Chocolate’s cocoa nibs ice cream. I. Can’t. Wait. If you don’t live in the area, but want to have a taste of Bi-Rite at home, they have a cookbook, Sweet Cream and Sugar Cones, that will teach you how to make your own scoop of heaven at home.

Decorating: I stumbled across the beautiful apartment of Danielle Arps, and it has so many elements that I’m trying to incorporate into my own place. Her apartment is light, cozy, tonal, eclectic, and sophisticated, and I wasn’t surprised to learn she is Rita Konig’s former assistant designer, now working at HomePolish. I’m especially loving the mix of pillows on her sofa, and the adorable succulents in vintage drink ware on her table. Too cute! (Speaking of Rita, her apartment was recently featured on The Selby, and is too beautiful for words. Check it out if you haven’t already.)

Buying: I’ve been thinking about getting a pair of natural leather sandals for a while now, and these would fit the bill nicely with only a $40 price tag. They are sold out online, so I’m going to swing by my local Gap store and try my luck there. Fingers crossed!

What are you up to this weekend?


Images via: Picnic / Ice Cream / Apartment / Shoes