Black & White Inspiration

black and white outfits

I have been on a major black and white kick lately. All my latest clothing purchases have been black or white. Maybe a little gray here and there. Some people might find it boring, but head-to-toe black and white just feels so effortlessly cool.  A loose-fit white button down and a pair of black skinnies has been my go-to outfit. If I feel like a pop of color, I’ll throw on a pair of colorful flats or switch to a bright purse.

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Weekend Inspiration

Go on a roadtrip

Tomorrow I’m headed to my parents’ house in Orange County for the holidays.  My roommate and I are roadtripping down California with some fun pit stops planned along the way.  After an incredibly long and stressful week (actually, month) at work, I couldn’t be more excited to spend the next 2 weeks relaxing and seeing my family and friends.

Happy Weekend!

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Gallery Wall Inspiration

Lonny-Gallery-Wallvia Lonny

Gallery wall with TVvia One Kings Lane

It’s probably a terrible habit, but I love falling asleep with the TV on.  I settle into bed, turn on the sleep timer, and put on something mindless.  I definitely enjoy having a TV in the bedroom, but it’s a bit of an eyesore.  In my small bedroom, it takes up valuable wall space.  After spotting the arrangements above, I’ve been itching to recreate the look.  Incorporating a TV into a gallery wall helps draw attention away from the big black rectangle.  I recently made some purchases from Society6 that will fit in splendidly.

Some additional inspiration for my gallery wall to come:

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Style Icon: Jenna Lyons

Currently channeling: Jenna Lyons

credit: Yu Tsai via Fast Company

Jenna Lyons. She’s the current President and Creative Director at J. Crew…and my current style inspiration/obsession.  She’s been credited with pulling J. Crew out of its slump and redefining the brand, now a tastemaker and formidable player in the fashion industry.  It’s no wonder she was recently named one of TIME’s 100 Most Influential People in the World, 2013.  Lyons is the new J. Crew – her personal style is the effortless perfection of geek chic and feminine tomboy.

Many of her delightfully unexpected outfits have combined structured and relaxed pieces, like a crisp, feminine blazer with ripped boyfriend jeans and bright pumps. I love the pairing of sequin pants and an easy striped tee below.  And check out that shoe collection!

Jenna Lyon's shoescredit: Rebecca Greenfield via Elle Decor

Even her interior styling in both her J. Crew office and home is something to envy.

Jenna Lyons' officecredit: Matt Furman via Fast Company

Jenna Lyons' home

via Curbed

Her eclectic style is undoubtedly, yet subtly feminine.  She has definitely inspired my own style and I’ve found myself wondering “What would Jenna Lyons do?” when thinking about outfits or decor.   What do you think of Jenna Lyons’ style?

Inspiration For Your Walls

In my art hunt for my apartment, I found these prints by Sarah Tolzmann (blogger behind Note to Self, and creator of the Note to Self Print Shop) very refreshing and inspiring. What could be better than hanging one of her quote designs above your bedside table, over your desk, or in your entryway for a daily dose of motivation? Below are a couple of my favorite quotes, all available for purchase from her shop. I also love her bobby pins and sailor tee prints. Which one is your favorite?

Note to Self Print Shop, via Dressed in Orange

Note to Self Print Shop, via Dressed in Orange

both images via the Note to Self Print Shop

Weekend Inspiration 4.27.13

This week has felt especially slow, so the weekend couldn’t arrive soon enough!  I’m ready to fill my days with a mix of adventure and relaxation.  A few things inspiring me this weekend:
Weekend Inspiration, via Dressed in Orange

I’ve been eager to completely update my apartment for Spring, but with a small budget and roommates’ tastes to consider, I’m opting for a simpler, yet impactful change.  Adding new patterns and colors to existing pillows is the easiest way to bring your home into the latest season.  I plan to visit Britex to pick out fabrics in whites and blues to be sewn into covers.  Interchangeable covers can be washed and stored as the seasons change to keep your living space fresh.

It’s two of my roommates’ birthdays this weekend, and to celebrate we’re going ziplining through the Redwoods.  This actually seems a little terrifying, but the idea of experiencing a beautiful forest from above outweighs my fears.

I hardly ever need a real reason to bake, but 2 birthdays in one weekend is the best excuse to try some new decorating techniques.  (Style Me Pretty Living posted steps on creating rosettes using a star tip on your piping bag.)  And instead of having hot coffee with cake, I’ll be reaching for a glass of iced coffee to cool down this weekend.

What’s inspiring you this weekend?


Images via: Home / Redwoods / Iced Coffee / Cake

Weekend Inspiration 4.19.13

I’m so happy that the weekend and warm weather are finally in sync! It’s no fun spending the week indoors while it’s sunny outside, only to reach the weekend and get buried in fog. Here are a couple things that are inspiring me this weekend:

Weekend Inspiration, via Dressed in Orange

Doing: Robin, Emily and I are going on a little picnic tomorrow in the park. It is forested to be in the 60’s, which should make for a great day of people watching, snacking, chatting, and maybe playing around with a DSLR. I wish I had this gardening bag from Apolis to tote our picnicking supplies around handily– it would also be great for buying groceries at the farmers market!

Eating: After our picnic we are swinging by Bi-Rite Creamery to pick up a couple scoops of their incredible ice cream. I just looked at their menu for today, and they are featuring milk chocolate with peanut butter swirl, orange blossom with candied orange zest and pistachios, roasted banana, and hazelnut with Dandelion Chocolate’s cocoa nibs ice cream. I. Can’t. Wait. If you don’t live in the area, but want to have a taste of Bi-Rite at home, they have a cookbook, Sweet Cream and Sugar Cones, that will teach you how to make your own scoop of heaven at home.

Decorating: I stumbled across the beautiful apartment of Danielle Arps, and it has so many elements that I’m trying to incorporate into my own place. Her apartment is light, cozy, tonal, eclectic, and sophisticated, and I wasn’t surprised to learn she is Rita Konig’s former assistant designer, now working at HomePolish. I’m especially loving the mix of pillows on her sofa, and the adorable succulents in vintage drink ware on her table. Too cute! (Speaking of Rita, her apartment was recently featured on The Selby, and is too beautiful for words. Check it out if you haven’t already.)

Buying: I’ve been thinking about getting a pair of natural leather sandals for a while now, and these would fit the bill nicely with only a $40 price tag. They are sold out online, so I’m going to swing by my local Gap store and try my luck there. Fingers crossed!

What are you up to this weekend?


Images via: Picnic / Ice Cream / Apartment / Shoes

Weekend Inspiration 4.5.13

Weekend inspiration, via Dressed in Orange

I’m so excited for this weekend: I’m going out for dinner and drinks tonight with Eric, walking with Emily and Robin tomorrow, and possibly going to the flea market on Sunday morning. As a girl who like to spend her weekends at home relaxing, that’s a whole lot of action! I’m also going to a Giants game on Monday night, which to me means warm weather is almost here. I’m so ready for homemade margaritas (this recipe  is pretty close to how I make mine) and day trips to the beach with friends.

This collage is a combination of several of my favorite Pinterest images right now. I’m thinking of picking up that flamingo picture above to add some color to my small, windowless bathroom- I love their pale pink reflections in the dark, rippled water. I’m also loving these two interior shots with their green, white, and blue color schemes. They are definitely giving me shopping ideas for the Alameda Flea Market on Sunday… I can’t wait!

What are you up to this weekend?


Images via: Green Dresser / Flamingos / Lounge Chair / Margarita